Behaving with Gratitude

Behaving with Gratitude

Gratitude is about more than just understanding what gratitude means. Many may complain and then follow complain up with a little talk about how they are grateful for everything they have. What good is gratitude if the universe doesn’t think you are grateful at all. The universe picks up on your thoughts, your actions and the things you say such as when it picks up on you complaining about all you don’t have. The universe doesn’t work through the contradictions you are putting it. It doesn’t say “Oh, yeah she is bitching up a storm right now but I understanding that she is really actually grateful for everything even though she spends all her time FOCUSED on what she doesn’t have.” The Universe isn’t going to get it like you think it will get it. You can’t tell the universe “Well, you know me cause we are close and you know that even though I spend all my time complaining that really that whole time I am feeling sooooo grateful! Cause, like, you know me and know how I am!”

You can’t fake gratitude though. If you are truly unsatisfied with your life and what you have going on forget about trying to fake being grateful. Saying affirmation one thousand times about how grateful you are when you really are not is not going to fool the universe. The universe will always know what is really in your heart.

Why do you need more than you have now? Maybe it is that you just need to be able to pay the bills. That is reasonable to want. So why can’t you? It’s just money! Can’t get a job? Why can’t you attract that job? Absolutely if the universe owed you something and you put right focus on what you are trying to attract into your life you would see some things happening for you. So what are you doing wrong? Whatever you are doing wrong can be fixed! Ahhh but maybe my implying you are doing something wrong just made steam come out your ears. Did it make you a little angry for me to imply you were doing something wrong? You maybe want to say to me “Sherry, I am doing everything I can. I am tired because I do everything and more and still I get nothing!” Just means you still haven’t found the right answer to what is going on and what you need to change. Maybe because you stubbornly think spending hours whining doesn’t have repercussions! It does! Maybe you think getting mad at people doesn’t have consequences! It does! Maybe you have fear. Maybe you don’t want to get in a state of loving your life the way it is because you are scared the universe will think you want to keep it that way and so you are too scared to love the life you have now. Can’t you get into a state of feeling like everything is exactly the way it is suppose to be right now? Can’t you buy into that statement? Why? Things happen for a reason and often we may not know why. Maybe my bathroom floods one morning causing me to not be able to go where I had planned to go. What I may not have know is that had I left the house I would have gotten into a fatal accident. Maybe you say “Well, if I knew that then I could be okay with my bathroom flooding and I wouldn’t have gone off the deep end about it!” I don’t have to know that because I trust and I have faith that everything happens for a reason where I know that reason or not. So maybe your deeper problem is that you don’t trust and have faith like you think you do. Changes won’t come until you can look in the mirror and see that there is something going on with you that needs fixing. If you look in the mirror and you think “I am just fine. There is nothing wrong on my end!” You are living in and accepting the illusion. You are in a delusional state. Fooling yourself into thinking you don’t need to change or be any different than you are. Are you a little delusional about some things? Too stubborn to see the truth?

What will it take for you to finally be able to have true gratitude?

Start by letting go of what you THINK you need to be happy! Remember that the Universe knows the true color of your heart. Make an effort to figure out why you need certain things to be happy. Things to keep you going. Something to give you hope. Make an effort to let go of your stubbornness.