Everything Is Love & Light If You Have the Right Glasses On

Love & Light Higher Self Message

Who defines what Love & Light is? What does it mean to you? It may mean a time when you have no problems, everything goes smoothly, no one is ever mad at you and your children behave perfectly…ALL THE TIME! Many have an idea of what the future holds for them as they advance and ascend. Many think they should be happy all the time. Many think they should not have struggles with money. Many think they will be overcome with a feeling of love that just never goes away.

Expectation can be a bad thing to have because if you think any of the above is what you are expecting to have one day then you can end up being disappointed. That disappointment can leave you feeling that something must be wrong and it needs to be fixed when actually everything is perfect and just as it should be.

Love and Light is not a new thing you should be expecting. It is when what you have had going on for a while begins being experienced by you differently. When you get into a fender bender and are not upset or distraught that your car has been damaged or worse yet totaled by the insurance company. When you can come away from the experience feeling that its okay and not label as bad versus good. When you are living an existence where there is no such thing as bad versus good. Where you appreciate the experiences life brings you even if you do not understand why.

Love is the basis for all things. Love creates. It is powerful. Love is that the most important chakra in the body is all about and where the pure light comes into the human. Love and light goes hand in hand as both relate to the most important chakra, the heart chakra.

To achieve the ultimate level of this Love and Light you must be a clear vessel. The light that comes in through the heart chakra and then spreads out to all the other chakras must not be tainted by things such as worry, anxiety, envy, jealousy, bia, anger, selfishness, etc. If you suffer these things, every time you do it taints the pure light that has come into you and dimishes it diminishing your power. For those of you who want to be powerful energy workers, healers, etc. you will have very little effect if you suffer these things on a regular basis. Some of you suffer them non-stop throughout the day every day having very little control over your selves. Not only affecting your self and holding your self back from the power you could have but also negatively effecting those around you. Don’t be mad if some don’t want to associate with you. It is their right to be left whole. Their right to achieve Love and Light with it being taken away from them because of their associations.

So many get psychic reading and completely miss what an opportunity they have to learn and grow from what they learn. More concerned about a relationship that is not happening, money that is not coming, neighbors and friends who may not like them. All these concerns are a waste if you are not making your self better everyday. Everyday you have a new opportunity to reach a higher level. You much take advantage of the opportunity to grow that not every creator has on this planet. You always had the power and always had ultimate control over what you experience in this lifetime.

Be Love and Light by working hard to become Love and Light…everyday!