Having Two Awakenings – Metaphysical Psychic & Spiritual

Psychic Spiritual Awakening

Often people ask me about my awakening. The question of asking me to explain it or talk about it seems simple but the answer often does not come out as simply. It is simple and complex at the same time. Awakenings are not simple singular events and if you have gone through an awakening if you were to think about it and pick it apart  I bet yours was not a singular awakening event either.

There was the initial depression over realizing that I never really knew myself and had been going through life blindly and quite unhappily even though I thought most of the times that things were good because they were the status quo of what society said life should be. One book led to an initial awakening and that bursting open with the realization that there WAS more to life than just this and the realization that I did in fact have power and control over my life. That initial awakening happened after reading a book on the law of attraction called “Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting”.

The initial awakening I liken to the first stepping stone. I took the step and the step was taken in an unconscious manner simply because I think it was time. I had learned enough at that point in my life through experiences, both good and bad, to be ready for some truth. That book led me to want more, to find out more about controlling my own life and actually being an active participant in it. It led me to heading towards being my true self which is a creator. I could only be a creator at a point where I believed I had that power within me, and the law of attraction book I read was instrumental in convincing me that I did in fact have the potential to have that kind of power. We all have the power to create in a magnificent way that also ties into what the book of Genesis says of taking dominion over your world. Your world being your own self.

The law of attraction book led me to wanting to find ways to raise my vibrations both when practicing manifesting daily and permanently. It led me to the next stone which was Usui Reiki* which led me to learning about meditation and the chakra system. Meditation and learning to work with my chakras led me to a psychic awakening that at first fully opened my empathy. Awakenings within awakenings happen and if you think about it and pick your awakening experience apart you will see that is true of your awakening experience as well.

The psychic awakening is really no more than a phase you are going through. It is not really a psychic awakening but a spiritual awakening that at first you don’t recognize as such. Everything is spiritual and everything is related to your ultimate focus and goal as a spiritual being which is spiritual advancement. The psychic awakening is a phase you go through that you hopefully do not become so enamored and captivated by that you get stuck there because of the awe at which you perceive it. The things you witness at this phase are amazing however there is so much more if at this point you allow yourself to continue being guided on your journey along the ultimate spiritual path. The jump from the psychic phase to continue more on a spiritual based path is another awakening you will feel you experienced if you make this jump. Of course some don’t go through the psychic phase in such as way because maybe they do not open up so much that this phase is huge for them versus subtle.

There are many things that can cause an awakening. Silence, surrender, pain and surrender, near death, yoga, meditation experiences, purposeful chakra openings, etc.

Your awakening is not as simple as you may think it is once you pick it apart to get a good look at it. How complex is yours? What paths and little journeys did it take you on?

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