The Awakening Experience and More

Your Awakening Experience

To be perfectly honest when I awakened I didn’t really understand that that was what I was going through. I think for most it is something you realize has happened a time later in your journey. After enough experiences and enough reading or talking to others you realize that what you are going through is in fact an awakening. Sometimes it starts with one thing. And experience, something someone said to you or that you heard, a book you read, or something you are going through such as a severe depression, etc.

Thinking about it now I am not sure I can say it was really just one thing but I can say that first thing that happened was a depressive state I was in. It came a couple of years after my son was born. You could say that having my son started it all because it is what effected my heart chakra and opened it up more. The depression caused me to start seeking help or an answer to what was going on with me. Then someone recommend a book to me called “Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting” by Lynn Garbbhorn and it literally changed my life by the second chapter and there was no going back. I was permanently changed because it told me things, answered questions I didn’t even know I had and led to changing my beliefs. Knowledge is power!

After a couple of years I realized that an awakening is not an event that happens and like that its done and completed. It is a process and it takes years. You may be one of those people that would say to me “Well, my didn’t!” So many make statements like that when they are still at a lower level of understanding because things look different from where you are, but climb a little higher up the mountain and things will look clearer once you are actually stating at the peak of the mountain.

An awakening happens over a period of time. If you understand how a clearing progresses after doing chakra work or getting a healing from someone then you may understand what I am talking about. As long as you are still awakening (pealing back the layers) to new truths, understandings, raising your vibrations, etc then you are STILL awakening. It is not that you experienced an awakening, you are going through an awakening.

You will have many experiences that may lead you to asking why? Not just Why, but you may ask “Why, I didn’t do anything to cause this to happen? I did not not ask for this.” Some things are higher than your self and you need to start the process now of letting go of the thought and concept that you are the top dog in charge. Sure you have free will but there is something above you that is much bigger than yourself that is in control. On a soul level there are things going on, things you actually planned for when planning to live this incarnation, that are in effect. Get some humility and let go of thinking in terms of feeling that something was done to you that you didn’t ask for. No one is messing with you or your life. No spirit or spirit guide is messing things up for you. It’s all you and what you ask to experience in this lifetime. It is you who decided for your own self what you wanted to experience and go through in this lifetime. So right now…if you still find yourself occasionally putting the blame else where for what you have going on and going on in your life…stop! The buck stops with you and the sooner you realize and understand that the smoother the rest of the journey will be.

An awakening can after a while seem like stepping stone. After a while you realize that it was not just you deciding to do this and that, and to try this and that. It was actually a guidance you were getting that was so subtle that you thought it was just decisions you were making to do different things when in fact you were lead to those things. You were maybe lead to a certain person, book, website or maybe you were lead to learn and get attuned to Reiki or develop a psychic ability that began to awaken that is also a part of the awakening process. One things, to another thing and on to another. You are being guided.

An awakening some times starts with awakening to a psychic ability. It is not the be all end all. It is not where you are meant to stop. It is a phase you go through on your spiritual journey to becoming enlightened and connecting back with the light. So many do stop at this point and focus on the abilities and set up shop at this point so to speak because they don’t know any better. So many that had plan to work towards enlightenment in this lifetime get side tracked by things and never make it to where they were planning to go in this lifetime. Thank goodness I heard and listened to the guidance when I was told to put focusing on abilities aside. I couldn’t explain this to any one. It was a guidance I was getting so strongly and I would of course follow above any Tom, Dick or Harry trying to convince me that something was wrong. Often when people can’t understand something they will label it as being wrong. Don’t fall prey to that and don’t let it make you feel bad to the point where you start questioning yourself, your guidance and what you know you are feeling so strongly. Don’t listen to a human being over and above God EVER! Even if that person is suppose to be a friend. Don’t do it. Listen to the inner guidance that is coming from the light always first and everything else second.

After an awakening some just wait for whatever comes and some, like me, jump in and started talking and asking. Not only asking for help but actually asking to be guided and making a promise to follow that guidance if you are blessed to get it. Asking for the lessons you need to go through to come so you can get on with the work, learning and tests. Asking to be shown and given messages in every way possible as you promise to try to be aware and pay attention so as not to miss them. Some are more passive after an awakening and some feel the pull towards something so strongly that they jump in with both feet and start working hard as though their life depended on it.

After an awakening it is time to begin working to stop the control the mind has over you. The mind and the negative ego has been running you all your life but now it is time to get control by being the observer. Finally observing what your mind and negative ego are doing. Observing how you are feeling at time and questioning what part of yourself is feeling that way. It is finally time to start peeling back the layers and uncovering the true self underneath. It is a long journey and many times you will think you know and understand things and not realize that you just understand them at the level you are at not realizing there are multiple levels of understanding for the same things. What is a pebble? It depend what level you are at and what perspective you are seeing from. Don’t ever think you understand something and that is that. Always be ready for a new level of understanding to come. Always be willing to listen more than you talk. Ask questions more than making statements. Gain an understanding of things such as acceptance, surrender, law of change, law of cycles, law of process, law of karma, etc. Take in as much knowledge as you can and meditate daily to change that knowledge into understanding. If you are bothered by something or something is an emotional trigger know that that points to something you need to work on. If someone or something agitates you, the answer to that will not be found within them or with something they are doing but within your own self. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that others do things wrong or let you down. That is just your negative ego tricking you. Don’t be easily tricked. Always observe what you think and what you feel. What part of yourself feels that? Your higher self or your lesser/ego self? Always have the strength to refuse to listen to your lesser/ego self.

An awakening is a great gift. Always give thanks for it and always stay on guard over the mind.